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Find a photograph that typifies the person you lost in life. Frame it; keep close by. In time you will walk by and smile.

The Red Bike

Smile and the world smiles with you. ~Stanley Gordon West

The Red Bike

The picture of the two of us standing next to the bike, smiling, illustrates the experience we had co-creating this book.

Nancy and I were introduced by a mutual friend, who knew we each wanted to write a book about death. We met over lunch, immediately clicked and took off running. We met weekly to discuss, explore and tweak a written piece over some yummy homemade soup and a variety of hot teas. We really got to know one another better in the process. We never quarreled. We shared stories and at times tears. There was a mutual respect for what each brought to the project.

I came to realize the truth behind a statement I had heard many, many times listening to authors over the years: the book wrote itself. Many times during our weekly sessions discussions led us to the next spot, then the next and so on. Often, when we were figuring out what direction to take in a particular chapter or section, an experience presented itself either at work or between friends and family that clarified what we were seeking. For us, it was more than a coincidence, because the feeling of a situation drove us to the clarity. Several seasoned writers commented how ‘unusual’ it is for a project to move so smoothly between two people. It is with gratitude that we came together to create this book.

It is our hope this book will give caregivers more confidence and resources towards a more peaceful death on their loved one. Namaste