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Financial Planner Recommends Ok Now What?

Financial Planner Recommends Ok Now What?

As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), I have found that the “life” planning aspect of my job is often more important than “financial” planning  -- or at least as important.  And as I am not trained as a life planner, it is critical that I have resources I can provide or to which I can direct clients .

OK NOW WHAT? A CAREGIVER’S GUIDE TO WHAT MATTERS  is a welcome addition to that “toolbox”.  It’s content rich, direct yet gentle.  It is now in our practice library, all the advisors know it’s there, and it will be a significant help to those clients who find themselves in the position of a caregiver.

As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), planning is indeed what it’s all about.  

One of the core areas we urge clients to address proactively, is the execution of appropriate legal documents: wills, powers of attorney, etc.  The specific documents needed of course differ for each individual or family, but lack of attention can result in some possibly tragic situations. 

OK NOW WHAT? A CAREGIVER’S GUIDE TO WHAT MATTERS deals with a lifestage where having  or not having the appropriate legal documents in place can turn into a critical component of that experience – and indeed affecting the quality of care a caregiver’s is able to deliver.  Not to mention that having to deal with legal issues while being a caregiver would of course be an additional stressor that would not be welcome.

Bruce Robson, Managing Partner

CFS Comprehensive Financial Solutions