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From the friend of a friend who gave her a copy of the book:

I read most of the book in one sitting last night and found it amazing……It couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect moment either because, after dealing with no less than 5 hospice people, two medical device delivery people and an unnecessary home health visit appointment made by my husband when I was out for an hour, I was on my last nerve.

The part that struck me the most was the bit about how we die the way we live. Meaning Bill is going to out with a whimper and leave a mess behind. This is actually a good thing for me to accept and understand.  I’ve been very resentful that he expects me to do absolutely everything for him. I now realize that not only is this part of the deal, but I understand why and why it’s not worth fretting over.


Then there is the part about how he’ll want to talk. I’ve been shutting him down – partly from resentment and partly from exhaustion. Instead last night, when he mentioned he was feeling exhausted, I asked some open-ended question that led to an hour long discussion. I honestly didn’t know that all I had to do was ask - figuring instead he’d talk if he wanted to talk.

"Great Information!"

Your book is filled with so much great information - I wish I had read it before

both my parents passed. 


Barbara Kline

Co-Host, 2BoomerBabes Radio Hour



"This book has been my best friend for the past few months

This book has been my best friend for the past few months -- a book that's stayed by my bed at night and within reach during the day, the whole time I've been taking care of my terminally ill brother. It's a smart, conversational mix of practical tips, real-life experience and honest advice, even able to make me laugh at myself when I've been all tied up in knots. Most importantly, the authors keep reminding me that I'm not alone. I suppose some people will read "OK Now What?" from cover to cover, but for me, it's been a book to flip through until I found the "Caregiver Tip" that fit the current dilemma, or a section that helped orient me to what was coming next. Being a caregiver for someone you love is hard and lonely work, and Sue Collins and Nancy Taylor Robson have been the non-judgmental friend I've needed. Thanks.