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What this book offers

About OK Now What

"Ultimately, it’s about connection."

None of us plans to actually die....

Woody Allen’s assertion, “I’m not afraid of death, I just don’t want to be there when it happens," describes our head-in-the-sand approach to exiting this life. We plan for so many other things – education, career, jobs, bar mitzvahs, holidays, weddings, vacation, children, and retirement. But we don’t plan for death (since none of us plans to actually die.) As a result, few know how to approach it proactively. We need guidance, an accessible handbook that addresses both the practical and the emotional aspects of our leaving.

Most of us run from it!

How we die -- the practical and spiritual aspects of caregiving, the choices and options available, how we figure out the money, the paperwork, the goodbyes – or don’t – hugely impacts our economic and social life. It’s currently front and center in our political discourse, thanks in part to demographics, yet on a personal level, most of us run from it, hoping that if we don’t talk about death, it won’t touch us personally. Which precludes taking a proactive approach to what is a critical, often difficult, but also potentially enriching part of our lives here.

What this book offers

This book offers several things to the family, friends, and caregivers of someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal condition.
1. It helps to prepare both the person and the caregiver for what they could experience (and how they can cope) instead of continually acting in crisis mode (OMG! NOW what?) or trying to play catch-up when it’s too late.
2. It offers practical guidance and straightforward tips to friends, family and caregivers that help promote both the physical and the emotional comfort of all involved.
3. It tells plenty of stories that help to lessen fear and open people to the human connections that we all need to keep from feeling alone.
4. It helps people to walk this path with knowledge, courage and grace.
5. Ultimately, it’s about connection.