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Articles in this section (see left) address a variety of caregiving issues from planning finances to nurses' perspectives to poetry, journaling through the experience, tips, and more. We hope you'll send us your own experiences, questions, comments and suggestions for surviving the day-to-day frustrations and how you manage to put something fun in your days.

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  • Holiday Caregiver Guilt
    You’re doing so much, but somehow, it’s not enough. It’s never enough. At least in your own eyes. And frankly, you resent having to do it all, and STILL feeling like it’s not enough. This is what guilt feels like.  Yes, what you FEEL and what you intellectually know you SHOULD feel may be two different … Continue reading Holiday Caregiver Guilt
  • Family Feuds Over Caregiving
      Anyone who has dealt with caregiving, whether a professional, as with Sue Collins, RN, co-author of the award-winning book, OK Now What? A Caregiver’s Guide to What Matters (Head to Wind Publishing, $16) or a non-professional, has most likely experienced some kind of disagreement about the best way to go about it. Siblings, who nearly … Continue reading Family Feuds Over Caregiving
  • Lovingly Nosy During The Holidays
    If you live a distance from your loved one and rarely actually see their living space, the holidays are a good opportunity to check up on them. Or, if you see them often, and have grown inured to the very gradual decline, now’s a good time to take a careful look around. There are clues … Continue reading Lovingly Nosy During The Holidays