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Articles in this section (see left) address a variety of caregiving issues from planning finances to nurses' perspectives to poetry, journaling through the experience, tips, and more. We hope you'll send us your own experiences, questions, comments and suggestions for surviving the day-to-day frustrations and how you manage to put something fun in your days.

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  • “Invisible” Caregiving
    Gary Barq’s memory of his Hungarian grandfather, who worked as a painting contractor in his own business until 80. When Gary’s grandfather developed Alzheimer’s the family who adored him, figured out a way to take care of him without destroying his dignity or their lives. It’s a touching story and one worth reading.  “Ok, We Go … Continue reading “Invisible” Caregiving
  • Whoo Hoo! Another Award!
    OK Now What? A Caregiver’s Guide to What Matters just won a gold Mom’s Choice Award, which not only affirms its accessibility to the general reader, but even more important, it’s usefulness! Mom’s Choice Gold Award
  • Caregiver Bookshelf
     There are a lot of ways to become a caregiver and as many ways that the experience varies from those of other caregivers. Which is why it can help to a several differently-targeted references at your fingertips.In addition to OK Now What? A Caregiver’s Guide to What Matters (of course), Caregiver.com and Today’s Caregiver magazine … Continue reading Caregiver Bookshelf