Being Truly Present in the Moment

Being Truly Present in The Moment


Often caregivers live in either the past or future. They can live in the past, thinking: What if I had made her go to the doctor when that cough started and didn’t let her blow it off? What if we had pursued a second opinion? What if we tried the chemo anyway, even though the doctors said it wouldn't help?

Caregivers also tend to live in the future. They worry about things like: What will happen when he stops eating? How can I get him out of bed by myself? What happens if he lives longer than my family leave or time off from work? What am I going to do when he's gone?

OK Now What? gives many practical tips and resources to answer these questions and concerns, which can help put a caregiver’s mind at rest instead of playing a continual recording over and over. Having some kind of guidance helps to set some of these worries to rest.

Being Present

OK Now What? also encourages caregivers to focus on the moment. How is she doing today? What can I do to bring a smile to his face? Maybe we could: play cards, go out to eat, listen to her favorite music, read a chapter in a book aloud, write down some of his favorite memories, record his memories for his grandchildren.

Staying focused on the moment or day and enjoying the time you spend with the loved one is what we have in life. It’s the time we share for however long we are able to share it.

Sue Collins, R.N., Author
OK Now What? A Caregiver's Guide to What Matters